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Your partner in precision urethane-based technology from prototype to production.

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Enhancing Flue Gas Desulfurization with Durastatic Pipe

Power plants are vital to our energy infrastructure, yet they face significant challenges, particularly with their flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems. Traditional piping materials often fail under the harsh conditions of these systems, leading to frequent maintenance and costly downtimes. Enter Durastatic piping made from advanced polyurethane—a game-changing solution designed to tackle these issues head-on.

Flue Gas Desulfurization with Durastatic Pipe

Challenges in FGD Systems 

FGD systems are essential for reducing sulfur dioxide (SO₂) emissions from power plants. However, the process involves handling highly abrasive limestone slurry, which quickly wears down traditional metal and rubber-lined pipes. This wear and tear results in:

  • Frequent pipe replacements
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Unplanned downtimes 

How Polyurethane Durastatic Pipe Transforms FGD Systems

Durability and Abrasion Resistance: Durastatic piping, made from advanced polyurethane, excels in resisting abrasion from limestone slurry. Its superior durability means fewer replacements and less frequent maintenance, allowing for uninterrupted operations.

Cost Efficiency: Reduced maintenance and the longer lifespan of the polyurethane piping system translate to significant cost savings for power plants. Investing in Durastatic piping ensures a high return on investment through decreased operational disruptions.

Enhanced Efficiency: With fewer maintenance interruptions, power plants can operate more efficiently, maintaining consistent power generation and reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

Addressing Key Concerns in Power Plant Piping

Erosion-Corrosion Resistance: Erosion-corrosion is a significant issue in power plant piping, particularly in FGD systems. Advanced Polyurethane used in Durastatic piping offers superior resistance to these damaging effects, extending the life of the piping system and reducing the need for frequent inspections and replacements.

Thermal Flexibility: Piping systems in power plants must manage thermal expansion effectively. Advanced Polyurethane in Durastatic piping offers excellent flexibility, minimizing thermal stresses and preventing pipe failure due to temperature fluctuations. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the system and ensuring smooth operation.


Switching to Durastatic solid urethane piping offers power plants a robust solution to combat the challenges of abrasion and frequent maintenance in FGD systems. With superior erosion-corrosion resistance and exceptional thermal flexibility, Durastatic piping stands as the optimal choice for modern power plant operations.

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