Your partner in precision urethane-based technology from prototype to production.

Your partner in precision urethane-based technology from prototype to production.

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Custom Molded Polyurethane Bumpers

MPC can create polyurethane bumpers for all types of industrial uses regardless of the environment and extremes. Polyurethane bumpers are customized according to your specific need for hardness, chemical resistance, temperature, and any environmental extremes encountered.

Polyurethane bumpers can be machined, molded, and cast to customer requirements. Bumpers can be made sponge-soft or iron-hard. Polyurethane has excellent tear strength, elasticity, and resistance to heat, chemicals, and solvents. It can even be bonded to metal components.

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Polyurethane Bumpers are Superior to Plastic, Metal, & Rubber

Polyurethane bumpers are superior to plastic, rubber, and metal bumpers because of their incredible durability, customization, noise abatement, and performance. Bumpers made of polyurethane have extensive wear abilities, they resist abrasion and can operate with minimal noise levels.

Examples of Polyurethane Bumpers

  • Cardboard boxes on polyurethane bumpersBumpers For Conveyor Belt Systems
  • Shock Absorbers For Electrical Components
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Bumpers / Stoppers
  • Navy Hatch Bumpers
  • Polyurethane Bumper for Military Rifle
  • Hydraulic And Pneumatic Cylinder Bumpers
  • Industrial Washing Machines Bumpers
  • Bicycle Seat Shock Absorbers / Bumpers

Polyurethane parts provide longer service life when compared to plastics and rubber, and lower noise abatement properties when compared to metals. For these and many other reasons, product engineers specify polyurethane components.

Create Your Polyurethane Bumper Today

Polyurethane bumpers stand out as the superior choice for industrial applications, offering unmatched durability, customization, and performance compared to plastic, rubber, and metal alternatives. Whether for conveyor belt systems, military rifles, hydraulic cylinders, or other applications, polyurethane bumpers excel in wear resistance, noise reduction, and longevity.

At MPC, we specialize in producing tailored advanced polyurethane solutions to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your custom bumper needs and experience the superior advantages of polyurethane in your operations.

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